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100 experimentos sencillos de física y química

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Fórmulas de química representación molecular 3d

Estados de la materia     (Fantástica simulación en la que se relaciona la temeperatura y la presión con los
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Black Holes

Explicaciones de la Universidad de Colorado de física moderna

Sun, Earth viewer. Nasa


Physics animations, film clips, interactive tutorials and supporting pages

Volume 1: Mechanics

Volume 2: Waves and Sound

Other supporting material
physics animations mechanics

The Physclips project provides learning and reference tools for students and resources for teachers. The level is approximately that of introductory university or advanced high school (For some primary school resources, see Glimpses of Science.).
Each chapter includes a multimedia tutorial, with interactive control, which gives a brief overview. Hyperlinks provided within and at the ends of the tutorial link to broader and deeper discussions. The individual film clips, animations, diagrams and photos are freely available as downloads for teachers and designers, either individually or in a compressed file.
To date, we provide largely completed volumes on Mechanics (11 chapters) and Introduction to Special Relativity (6 chapters). The volume on Waves and Sound has begun (7 chapters) and we shall add more chapters as they are completed. For Electricity and Magnetism and Thermal Physics, we provide a set of resources and support pages on applications, but as yet no tutorials or formal development. So far, only Waves and Sound has home experiments, and only Relativity incorporates a self test.

Physclips has won the Physics division of the 2007 Pirelli Prizes for Science Communication

physics animations - relativity
Einsteinlight: Relativity in 10 minutes or 10 hours
Einsteinlight was the predecessor to Physclips. The multimedia modules give a brief overview of relativity - they present the main ideas. Inevitably, you will have questions. So the related links give more complete explanations, at levels with () or without mathematics (). The text from the multimedia modules is available in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

review in Science magazine
Science Magazine review

award from Scientific American
Scientific American Science and Technology Awards 2005
Einstein Light has also been recommended by a range of other organisations, journals and web directories, including the Australian Institute of Physics, the Sunday Times, Yahoo (pick of the day, 22/10/2005) etc.

physics animations - relativity

On Designing educational animations, we list some of the advice given in the literature, and show how some examples from Physclips would appear with and without these principles.
Authored and Presented by Joe Wolfe
Multimedia Design by George Hatsidimitris
Laboratories in Waves and Sound by John Smith
physics animations - relativityWaves and Sound


physics animations - relativityWaves and Sound