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Interactive science activities

Interactive science activities

Interactive quizzes on topics of solar system, Earth science, electricity, simple machines, and changes of state.
An interactive adventure that helps students learn about marine ecology.  Grades 4-7

The virtual kitchen  to perform online experiments, solve a puzzle, and get a reward.  Grades 4-6

From the University of Arizona, the Biology Project site is an interactive online resource for learning biology. The site includes tutorials, problem sets, activities, and other resources. Grades 9-12

The Exploratorium is a collage of 650 interactive exhibits in science, art, and human perception.  Students can explore any of these subject: light color, sound, music, motion, animal behavior, electricity, heat and temperature, language, patterns, hearing, touch, vision, waves and weather.  Grades 3-12

Cool Science for Curious Kids
Cool Science is a fun site that helps students appreciate science. Covered: Observation skills, plants, animal classifications and metamorphosis. Grades K-3

Table of Elements
This site contains a table of elements drill. Grades 5-8

Live Science  Movies, headlines, cool stuff. (PREVIEW before sending kids here)

Seeing Reason  Cause & effect - free teacher tool

Showing Evidence  Analyzing & evaluating info - free teacher tool

A collection of language arts, math, science, and social studies.  Grades PreK-6

This site contains a variety of edu-taining activities covering areas of math, language arts, social studies, and science.  Grades K-6

Enchanted Learning
This is a fun educational site for audiences as young as preschool. Some of the areas covered: science, language arts and geography. (Not all pages are interactive.)  Grades Pre-K-3

HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) provides activities and tools for students.  There is also a section for teachers  Grades 9-12

Audio and video clips help students learn about featured animals. Grades 3-8

Students can view images and movies of beetles, ticks, lice, and lots of other creepy crawling insects!  Grades 3 and up

Students explore videos of endangered animals from the Bagheera site.  Grades 2-6

Explore videos of an amoeba eating and moving through different environments. Real Player needed. Grades 5+
View video clips of an actual doctor performing cardiac bypass surgery. Learn about heart
health, and careers in the health care field.  Grades 3+

There are plenty of interesting things to read at Popular Science Magazine's web site. Articles on science, space, the Internet, computers, and more.  Grades 3+

http://www.nasm.si.edu/research/ceps/etp/etp.htmExploring the Planets is a simulated research center at the National Air and Space Museum that illustrates how scientist explore planets that are millions of miles away.  Students can choose to log in, enabling them a chance to save their work.  There are three levels for grades 5-8, grades 6-8, and grades 7-9.

Discover the fierce force of gravity and pelt poor Jupiter with a comet!  Teacher Tips included. Grades 5-8

NASA needs your help in planning a Hubble Servicing Mission. Join the team!  Teacher Tips included. Grades 6-8

Statistically speaking, this cosmic photo shoot is out of this world!  Students construct and interpret frequency tables, demonstrate knowledge of simple random samples, define range, mean and median as they apply to statistics, and demonstrate knowledge of min/max plots.  Teacher Tips included.  Grades 10-12

Galaxy construction timeline: billions of years. For you: ten minutes.  Teacher Tips included.  Grades 6-8

An opportunity for students to research the fascinating topic of black holes and to examine the concepts of escape velocity, gravity, mass, and the speed of light as they apply to black holes.  Grades 8-12

students will collect solar system trading cards by playing an interactive card game. They will identify the sun, planets, comets, and asteroids by answering questions about them. Students will learn facts about the solar system presented with amazing pictures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and various NASA missions.  Grades 3-6

Explore the nature of the electromagnetic spectrum. In this lesson, students will identify the different properties of waves and the relationship that exists between energy, wavelength, and frequency. Students will correlate images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and other astronomical instruments to the wavelength, color, and temperature information that can be found in the spectrum.  Grades 6-9

Join Professor WifPic in examining the Hubble Deep Field image and simulate the process astronomers have gone through to count, classify, and identify objects in the image as well as estimate their distances from Earth. The lesson is modular so that all or part of it may be completed using computers and the Internet.  Grades 6-8

At Funology find fun facts, experiments, crafts, recipes, magic tricks, jokes, and a whole lot more.  Grades 2-5

Students can study the anatomy of the human body or learn about the inner workings of an automobile. Each of the detailed graphic images has 'hot spots' that interact to provide more information.  Grades 5+

Interactive Weather Maker - Students can make whatever kind of day they like just by moving the humidity slider and either of the two temperature sliders.

Created by the makers of CoolMath, this site entertains with information about our solar system.  Students can take a star tour, see how gravity and inertia work, and play a fun lunar landing game.Grades 2-5

Amazing Space is a collection of interactive activities designed to teach students about black holes, collect solar system trading cards, and more.  Each activity includes high quality graphics and animation.  Grades 3+

Kid Port
View a map of the Earth showing the actual day and night regions at this moment. You can also view it as currently seen from the Sun, Moon, orbiting satellite, or from above a variety of cities. Grades 3+

Start the countdown and blast-off for fun and learning at this stellar site! Take a virtual tour of the solar system, play games, view space pictures and movies, get up-to-date space news, and more.  Grades 2-5

A fantastic site from National Geographic with a vast amount of information about our solar system. With the Viscape SVR plug-in students can take a fly-by tour of the sun and each planet, but even without the plug-in the site is a must-see for space buffs.  Grades 3-8

Explore educational activities about energy concepts, the power of the sun, energy conservation, energy transformation, electricity and fossil fuels being presented by famous gothic horror characters.

Virtual Fish Tank
    Build-Your-Own-Fish online and release them into the Virtual FishTank(TM) exhibit at the Museum Of Science, Boston

ReviseWise Science   Living things, Materials, Physical Processes, Games

Playing with Time  Elapse time videos

Devices of Wonder Cool stuff from times past

Biology in Motion A collection of learning activities,  animations, and cartoons Grades 7-12

exZooberance Animal pictures and facts
Edheads Interactive science activities

Peep Research  Good introduction to the Scientific Method

Zoobooks  The "Kids" section share interesting facts about animals

Extreme Science  The Ultimate Online Science Experience
BBC School Science Clips Flash Science activities

Life Cycles of plants, frogs, humans

The Amazing Food Detective Interactive games and activities  Grades 4-6
Science Clips Science videos for grades K-7

WeatherMaker  Make your own weather Grades 2-4

Energy Flows  Move objects in sequence to let energy flow Grades 3-6

Ology  An interactive museum

Science Splat  Online science quiz

Wild Weather Adventure  NASA's online weather game

Classify This  Put bugs in the right scientific classification

Get Smarter: Science 
Interactive science test Grades 3-4
Science Labs Interactive games and quizzes Grade 6

Is it acid or base?  Use the ph factor resource to find out.  Grades 6-8

Interactive activities related to weather instruments and storms.  Grades 4-5

Jefferson Lab's Science Education (http://education.jlab.org/indexpages/index.php) is a an interactive resource for students allowing them to select and submit their answer.  The site also provides games and puzzles.  Grades 5 and Up

An interactive skeleton that assist the learner in identifying specific bones. Grades 3-6

A complete list of online calculators and converters.  Grades 3-12

An online physics tutorial written for high school physics students.  Grades 9-12