domingo, 20 de marzo de 2011

Juegos de astronomía y meteorología de la NASA

New Activity - Juno QuestJuno QuestJuno Quest
Help Juno reveal Jupiter's true nature.
New Activity - Uplink-DownlinkUplink-DownlinkUplink-Downlink
Get 100% of the latest news from space.
New Activity - Solar System ExplorerSolar System ExplorerSolar System Explorer
Find planets, moons, comets, and games!
New Activity - Ozone Trap-n-ZapOzone Trap-n-ZapOzone Trap-n-Zap
Trap the good ozone and zap the bad.
New Activity - Play Photon Pile-upPlay Photon Pile-upPlay Photon Pile-up
Collect enough photons to reveal an ultraviolet universe!
New Activity - Weather Word CrossWeather Word CrossWeather Word Cross
Get a clue about Earth and space weather.
Missions to Planet Earth!Missions to Planet Earth!
Beat the computer by launching three Earth missions first.
Spitzer ConcentrationSpitzer Concentration
Now where did you last see that galaxy?
Solve a Weather Slyder!Solve a Weather Slyder!
These weather pictures are a mess! Can you fix them?
Sign Here!Sign Here!
How fast can you make signs for the space image display?
Solve an Infrared Slyder!Solve an Infrared Slyder!
"Slyde" the tiles to their rightful places to see a hidden Universe.
Play the New and Improved Space Place Trivia!
Beat the heat!Beat the heat!
Race the rising thermometer as you unjumble heat words.
Wild Weather Adventure!Wild Weather Adventure!
Pilot your research blimp through wild weather around the world.
Earthy Word GamesEarthy Word Games
See a living world in a glass bubble!
How old do I look?How old do I look?
Can you tell how old something is just by looking at it?
Black Hole Rescue!Black Hole Rescue!
Save the words from the monstrous gravitational forces.
Buckle up for an adventure!
Play Migration ConcentrationPlay Migration Concentration
See how satellites help save animals.
Tails of WonderTails of Wonder
Test your comet IQ and grab some comet dust.
Blast off for a Mars Adventure!Blast off for a Mars Adventure!
But first, what will you take with you?
Nanosat FlingmanNanosat Flingman
Launch a spacecraft as if it were a Frisbee!
Solve Earth Art Spuzzles!
Gravitational CrosswordGravitational Crossword
Catch a Gravitational Crossword Wave, Dude!
Pixel This!Pixel This!
How to turn numbers into pictures.
Solar System Switch-a-roo!Solar System Switch-a-roo!
Put clues together to find the planets and moons.
Earth Watcher CrosswordEarth Watcher Crossword
And see 3-D pictures of Earth from space!
The Spinoffs Memory GameThe Spinoffs Memory Game
Test your memory on space program spinoffs.
Unscramble Cloud PicturesUnscramble Cloud Pictures
and learn "CloudSpeak"
Fall into a Black HoleFall into a Black Hole
But make sure you have enough anti-gravity tokens to get out!
Infrared Matching GameInfrared Matching Game
Match heat faces with light faces.
Find the Comet WordsFind the Comet Words
Learn about these beautiful "Stars with Tails."
Fly through a Tiny Space MazeFly through a Tiny Space Maze
Navigate our miniature spacecraft.
Draw a Dot-to-Dot SpacecraftDraw a Dot-to-Dot Spacecraft
The very first spacecraft with ion drive!
Solve a Telescope CrosswordSolve a Telescope Crossword
Learn about the largest light telescopes in the world.