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Aspire. Animaciones y lecciones de la Universidad de Utah

Lessons by Title

Title Description

Bread Board project A basic black box breadboard project. This project will create a programmable LED or series of LEDs which can then be programmed to change color. Basic electronics, programming and concepts about persistence of vision are covered in this lab

Cosmic Zoom Zoom in from the far reaches of the galaxy by powers of ten.

Force and Motion The effect of force on velocity and motion.

Gas Particles in Motion Relating volume, temperature, and pressure.

Gas Particles in Motion Relating volume, temperature, and pressure. A classic ASPIRE lab re-written for Flash.

In Search of Cosmic Rays Learn how to find cosmic rays.

Kinetic Energy Relating mass, speed, and energy. (Java 1.2)

Kinetic Energy Relating mass, speed and energy. A classic lab re-written for Flash

Lunar Phases Learn about the lunar phases.

Lunar Phases (español) Aprenda sobre las fases lunares.

Machines Simple and Complex Machines

Night Sky Viewer See the night sky anywhere on Earth!

Our Atmosphere Learn about the atmosphere.

Refraction Demos 4 Flash demonstrations that show how light refracts through prisms and raindrops

Scientific Method The scientific method and its application to astronomy

Scientific Notation Learning to use large numbers.

Seasons Activity Use a sundial to observe seasonal changes.

Seasons Exercise Use seasons to determine your location.

Seismic Waves How do scientists know what the core of the Earth looks like? Learn more about seismic waves and find out.

Shoot the stars How do scientists know if stars are moving towards us or away from us? Use Doppler in this virtual lab to shoot stars and see what happens

Star Life Cycle Learn the full life cycle of a star.

Sun Angle Why doesn't it get warm at the North Pole like it does at the equator, even though it has 24-hour days?

Tides Learn about the Earth's tides.

Wave Basics Learning the basics of waves... amplitude, wavelength, and frequency.