sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

Simulaciones de ecología


Model Categories

petition  Connell's 1961 classic competition experiment is modeled. you can explore the fundamental and realized niches of two species of barnacles, Chthamalus and Balanus.  One species can grow at a wider range in depth but can be outcompeted, while the other species is limited to deeper rock.  You can also cause sea level to change simulating global warming.
Microcosm  is a simulation which draws upon Gauss' (1934) classic experiments with protists.  In this virtual petri dish, you can add bacteria, two species of Paramecium, and a predator.  The twoParamecium (P. aurelia & P. bursaria) species compete for resources.  One of the species is a better competitor for bacteria, while the other has photosynthetic endosymbionts and can utilize light.  Both species are preyed upon by Didinium.